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Speakers this year

Addressing the most current and pressing subjects through our CPD-certified seminars.

Speakers at rbf 2019

“Unlocking residential developments on our high streets”

Lulu Shooter, Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, Federation of Master Builders.

A presentation about how empty spaces above shops and under-used commercial spaces on our high streets can be used to promote regeneration and increase the supply of new housing. It will include a discussion of the Permitted Development Rights policy and its role in helping to create new homes.

“A journey in modular house building…”

Sam Lenehan, Associate Director of House, Urban Splash.

Sam will talk through the 7 year process that has lead Urban Splash House from a one off, innovative housing scheme, to a multi-project, long term partnership with the world’s largest housebuilder and the UK government.
The presentation will talk through R&D, scaling the ambition, partnerships and how the business hopes to achieve its mission of to be the future of housebuilding, delivering better futures for towns and cities across the UK.

“How adopting Smart Construction and aligning with the SDGs can create better business and societal outcomes in housing and communities”

Sarah Daly, Sustainable Development Strategist, SD21 

The Smart Construction agenda will define housing for the next decade and beyond. Though many in the professions and delivery are in denial, the perfect storm of the skills shortage, defects, poor quality and under-performance along with the drive for lower carbon and waste plus affordability – means the challenges simply cannot be met with 20th century practices.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may have been focused on developing countries, but increasingly we are seeing the benefit of this framework as a measure of meeting all the requirements of a fair and healthy society. A decent home is a fundamental human right, but housing creates communities and we must define and design far better to ensure that housing is not seen as an asset class but as an enduring societal asset.

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